Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to write up a quick review on a product that my husband and I have used recently called Ted’s Woodworking Plans. It’s a database full of 16,000 different DIY wood projects that you can choose from and build yourself using his step-by-step plans.

So far we’ve created a rustic dining room table that can seat 6 and we used the software to design a unique headboard for us…both turned out wonderfully for newbies.

We had a stack of old wood that was in our basement when we purchased the house…it looked great so we kept it but we weren’t sure what to do with it. When our dog finally chewed through the base of our old table we decided to look for plans to build one. Since I am an affiliate marketer I remembered seeing some woodworking programs that were available to promote; so we decided to try Ted’s database out for ourselves.

The dining room table plans were easy to follow and the projects were labeled to make it super simple for us to decide what we were going to try and build. We simply download the ones we liked and got to work on the table. The software was also fairly easy to use, I had several ideas for the headboard but wasn’t sure how to get the ideas down on paper so to speak; the software was a great visual tool and helped me get my husband on the same page….it turned out so well I created a duvet and throw pillow to match.

This coming spring we will be working on our outdoor living space and garden area; we have found several amazing design ideas in the database for raised garden beds (tables), Gazebos and Pergolas (haven’t decided which we want yet), outdoor seating, the deck and shed…yes it will be a busy year or two.

I am an artist on the side but I have never worked with wood (or a saw for that matter), so I can honestly say that its a great resource for beginners. Our guests are amazed that we built the table and the headboard (we even received a few requests for headboards). I found the Ted’s plans to be extremely helpful and well worth the $67.00 we paid for access to his database…most importantly…it was something my husband and I did / are doing together as a couple…for us that is priceless.

If you would like access to explore the database here is the link to his products;  Ted’s Woodworking