5 reasons you'd want to start blogging

5 Reasons You’d Want to Start Blogging

Blogging can be incredibly fulfilling; when you get into the grove of writing it’s like your speaking to your best friend instead of feeling like work. Plus, if you set-up your blog the right way it’s a great way to earn money. However, blogging is not for everyone. Starting a blog is a commitment; you have to be devoted to it like you devote your time to maturing the relationships with your friends and family. There are pros and cons to everything in life including blogging.

Today’s topic I would like to start with why you may want to think about starting a blog.

Start a Blog to Build a Business

A blog can be a wonderful resource for business ventures; it allows you to speak to your potential clients without having a face to face conversation. A blog post you write today can continuously earn you money for years to come.

You can blog from anywhere in the world. Plus, work on a schedule that best suits you. My first blog was built around photography and artistic home décor which I still run today from hotels or hospitals; it’s all the same if I have internet I can blog.

To Gain Expert Status

Everyone has a passion in life. For some like myself photography, for others cooking, for some others fishing or gaming…. needlepoint…engine rebuilds…gutters…  the list can go on. The point is if there’s a topic that you love and are passionate about, starting a blog on the topic is a tremendous way to become an expert. * Note You do not need to be an expert before starting the blog.

For example when I started my blog for PIPA it was my journey into photography. I wrote about my newly discovered skills or my experiences with trying techniques I found on Youtube. As I grew so did my blog.

You can also apply the same concept to your hobbies such as gardening, cooking and  traveling or your niche in business…accounting, construction, financial management etc. One of the many things I’ve learned is there is always someone who is good at something but many…many more who are bad at it but want to learn.

For example I love nature, hence nature photographer, I have a garden, flower beds and I’ve managed to kill them all this year…house plants…forget it! If a plant ever comes into my home it’s death warrant is signed…I’ve seriously killed Cactus…. Cactus of all things.

However, there are people out there that have these amazing gardens and glorious plants that they can enjoy and whom I can learn from if they put their knowledge online.

Results of Time and Income

By far, this is the hardest point for most people to swallow, including myself when I first started. Blogging is not an hourly job. My background was retail and food serve; I received a secure weekly pay check based on me being there when I had a “job”; when I first started my building my online business and blog I had the impression that I’d be rich in not time if I just put the content out there…man was I wrong!

With blogging you get paid based on results and sometimes those results come hours, day, weeks, months and sometime years later. However, once you do something once, you can get paid over and over again. There is a BIG if…if you don’t delete it…yes, another life lesson for another time.

For me, I think of blogging as a form of semi-passive income. You can blog part-time or full-time. Nonetheless, once you put in the work you can get paid over and over again over a lifetime.

Market Your Trade

While you can make money directly from your blog. Blogging is a great way to get into consulting or freelancing work as well.

Do you remember what I said about my garden. The same is true for a lot of business owners. They know their product it doesn’t mean they have the skills or even the time to set things up properly in the online world. Some business owners need help setting up their website, writing content, SEO, etc…. When you become a blogger, you’ll be learning these valuable skills that can be used for any industry.

Side note: these tech skills are in extremely high demand in the marketplace and pay a great deal of money. By having a blog, you can more easily land these high paying freelance gigs.

Reason You Shouldn’t Start a Blog

Making your first sale will take time – just because you post something, it doesn’t mean you’ll be instantly gratified and blessed with compensation.

So, if you expect to get rich quick – you’re setting yourself up for failure.

So how long does it take to start earning money?

If you do things right, you can make your first sale in a few months.

To give you an idea, it took me around 4 months to start earning above $500. a month consistently.

The processes are going to be slow at first and there will be times that you want to give up…DON’T!!!!

If you’re like me you’ll be doing the math. You’ll add up the amount of money you made and the hours you invested to earn it. My first sale was about 100.00 it took about 100 hours to make that sale, so in essence I earned $1.00 an hour…yes that sucks and it was disappointing to me at first but each month that value grew as the blog grew.

But rest assured things will get better if you keep pushing. One day you’ll wake and see that you’re in a hotel, you’re on a vacation and making money while there. You will think to yourself I DID it!

“Nothing great in the world was accomplished without passion and time.” Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

About the author:

Hi there…my name is Missy and I am an entrepreneur of a Photography business and I’m an Affiliate Marketer.  Over the past 9 years I’ve been working on building my dream career as a travel photographer. Trust me when I say my road had been bumpy…sometimes over grown… a few ditches were crossed but I’m forging my way through. I created I Want This In My Life because well honestly…I needed to talk about something else besides photography.

I recently had a car accident and I haven’t been physically able to go out and create new work, which has been depressing me greatly. However, I still have a wealth of knowledge on building my brand…which overjoys another part of me because I can pass that on to someone else, like you. I am a giver, a helper…I’m a people person. So while I’m going through this physical struggle I want to focus a little time on helping others succeed in the marketing arena. If I can help even 1 individual come into the world of entrepreneurship with less of a struggle than I did…well this blog will be worth it to me.