Setting Up A WordPress Blog On BlueHost

So you decided to set up a blog for the first time, good for you! It is one of the most fulfilling things I do. Let me welcome you to the beginning of an awesome journey into the world of blogging.

Today I would like to share with you the simplest and cheapest way to setup a Wordpress blog.

With this guide you should be up and running in as little as 10-15 minutes, even if you don’t know a thing about building a website.

There are four core steps to setting up a brand new blog:

  1. Get hosting
  2. Choose a domain name
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Select a theme

See that sound simple enough. 4 steps and I’ll walk you through them.

Step # 1 & 2 – Get Hosting & A Free Domain Name

Just like your computer needs a place to store your files, so does a website. A hosting company does just that…it saves your website files and allows people to access them anytime they want….your webpages, photos you use etc.

A domain name is the web address of your blog. My domain names are: Lifestyle and – My Art blog

Choose A Host Company

There are hundreds if not thousands of different hosting providers out there today. Plus, a variety of different types of hosting plans…which could be a bit overwhelming but stay with me.

For me the easiest I’ve found to-date is BlueHost. I especially recommend them for beginner bloggers for several reasons:

  • Their site is super easy to navigate
  • Their prices are low (under $6.00 a month)
  • The simplest process I’ve ever seen to install a blog (it’s just one click)
  • You get a free domain name
  • They offer a 30-day money back guarantee
  • I’ve been a satisfied customer of theirs for over 3 years
  • Their customer service, especially the live chat option is top notch

How To Get Started With BlueHost

Head over to Bluehost’s homepage and click “Get Started Now”

For now, you just want the basic plan you can change it as your blog grows.

How To Pick The Perfect Domain Name

Once you pick the basic plan, you’ll automatically be sent to the screen to pick your domain name or if you happen to already have a domain name you would add it here as well.

A domain name tells your visitors what your site is about. When considering your domain name, an important question to ask yourself is: What is your long-term vision for your site? For me I went a little cheesy for my second blog I Want This In My Life because it’s a lifestyle blog so my long term is to discuss the things going on in my life. For my art I wanted it similar to my main website which is my full gallery.

If by chance the name you tried to get is taken you will be given a variety of available names very close to what you wanted. You may select one of those or try a different variation on your own.

If you’re not 100% sure of your niche just yet, my recommendation would be to take the topic you’re thinking about and choose a domain name around a broader niche. For example, let’s say you were thinking of starting a blog about Gluten free cooking. Instead of choosing a domain name like, you may want pick a domain name that is like or

This broader approach has another benefit; it allows you blog to grow into other niches in the future.

Here are a few more tips when considering a good domain name:

  1. Make sure it’s easy to spell (7th grade reading level)
  1. Avoid using any numbers and hyphens
  2. Select a .com domain name
  3. Keep it short

How To Choose a Hosting Package from BlueHost

After finding your domain name, You’ll be taken to the packages and account set up page.

After filling in the account information, choose the package level you want  1yr, 2 yr, etc

Here are the settings I recommend for a beginner.

Next is simply setting up my payment information, then clicking submit.

Wallah… Step 1& 2 are done…I told you it would be easy 😉 You’re half way there!

Step #3 How To Setup Hosting

Once you’ve input your account and payment information, you’re ready to setup your blog with WordPress. WordPress is the content management system of your blog. WordPress powers about 25 -30% of websites on the Internet and it’s incredibly easy to use.

To install WordPress, login to your BlueHost account. Upon logging in you’ll see a button to install WordPress.

Click on “Install WordPress”, which will take you to a screen where you select the domain you want to install WordPress on.

Upon selecting the domain name, you’ll then be taken to an advanced options page where you’ll setup your unique username and password. (tip: Don’t choose admin You’ll be making yourself an easy target to be hacked NEVER use admin)

Recommendation: You’ll want to also select to “Automatically create a new database for this installation”, click on Next and you’re done!

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a WordPress Blog! Step three is done, you’re totally rocking it!


How To Select A Theme

The default WordPress design is a pretty basic design. So I recommend picking a new theme which WordPress allows you to upgrade your design very easily.

There are three options you have.

  1. Choose a free theme from WordPress (which there is a nice selection)
  2. Choose a professionally designed theme template (Fees)
  3. Hire a website designer (overkill if your just starting)

As a beginner, I’d either start with a free theme or choose a professional template.

For choosing a theme template, I’ve always found Bulk themes as a great resource. This is a super simple step but if by chance you get hung up and need more help the customer service staff at WordPress is excellent. I’ve only needed them a few times but I had wonderful experiences with them.

Guess what…You’re Done!

You are ready to hit the ground running with your new blog.

The next steps I recommend are:

  1. Monetizing your site (getting a few companies to promote on it)
  2. Writing a backlog of articles, that way you have a few to post even if you don’t have time to write every day or you just don’t feel like writing some days.

I’ll have more posts on these topics soon.


About the author:

Hi there…my name is Missy and I am an entrepreneur of a Photography business and I’m an Affiliate Marketer.  Over the past 9 years I’ve been working on building my dream career as a travel photographer. Trust me when I say my road had been bumpy…sometimes over grown… a few ditches were crossed but I’m forging my way through. I created I Want This In My Life because well honestly…I needed to talk about something else besides photography.

I recently had a car accident and I haven’t been physically able to go out and create new work, which has been depressing me greatly. However, I still have a wealth of knowledge on building my brand…which overjoys another part of me because I can pass that on to someone else, like you. I am a giver, a helper…I’m a people person. So while I’m going through this physical struggle I want to focus a little time on helping others succeed in the marketing arena. If I can help even 1 individual come into the world of entrepreneurship with less of a struggle than I did…well this blog will be worth it to me.

*Some of the links provided in this article are affiliate links, meaning I make a small commission if you purchase from the link. If you would like be become an affiliate marketer; check out this amazing training.