What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer or manufacturer pays a commission to an external website or individual for leads, traffic, or sales generated from its referrals. A good portion of the places you shop everyday pay a very small amount of money to advertising but yet they are seen right? This is where affiliate marketing comes into play. Affiliates will share products or services with their audiences and (depending on the program) the affiliate makes money. I say depending because each business structures their commission rates differently.

For example: I am an affiliate marketer for a variety of things and stores. Some pay as low as 4% per sale item while others pay 40%? Why the difference… cost. One of the affiliate marketing programs I’m in is for Amazon. They pay anywhere from 5-10% depending on the products sold. At the same time I market smaller businesses that are trying to make a name for themselves; they are the ones that pay around 40%.  Why the gap…everyone in the world knows the name Amazon, if not their name then surely their logo. Selling a product for Amazon is easier than selling for Bob Turner the Woodworking King who is best known in some poke little town in Arkansas…no offense  to anyone there because people have built a trust with Amazon. Secondly, Bob also doesn’t have the high overhead that Amazon does to suck up profits.

Marketing is a huge cost…especially when you are doing it on your own…or if you hire a team or two of full-time employees to market for you. Companies ultimately pay less in commissions then they would pay for an advertising firm or having hundreds of employees doing the work each day while still receiving the same exposure. Don’t get me wrong; these companies aren’t ripping off the little guy…there are thousands upon thousands of individuals just like you and I that are making a profound amount of money each month.

I only mention Amazon because they are one of the first online companies to establish an affiliate marketing program for individuals like us to make extra money or to make a lucrative full-time career with. Here is just 12 well-known brands that have established affiliate marketing programs out of the thousands out there.

Those Don’t Interest Me

So you might be saying, Missy these companies don’t interest me or they don’t fit my niche. That’s okay, most don’t work with my niche either. These are just large companies that almost everyone would know their names for an example that affiliate marketing is a legit profession. One of the good things about the internet is things grow. There are affiliate networks that can help connect you to large, medium, and small companies; product, offers, and services that do fit your taste or unique niche. Trust me you will find something, someone, or some company on platforms like these:

*again I am only mentioning a few

What Affiliate Marketing is Not

So just like in any other industry in the world, there are people that have take advantage or mislead unknowing individuals so I want to touch base on the myths and pitfall.

  • Myth # 1 – It’s complicated! – No, most affiliate marketing platforms and programs are just as easy for you to navigate and implement as check your email or accessing Facebook.
  • Myth # 2 It’s a get rich scam! …I think we addressed this one already with the well-established examples of affiliate programs out there.
  • Myth # 3 I’ll post it and they will buy…I’ll be rich in no time! …Okay, let’s be realistic and please don’t quit your day job just yet. Nothing in this world grows that quickly. Affiliate marketing does take time to learn and implement but it is worth it in the long run. I’ve spent 12 weeks learning and testing and it is progressing nicely but I’m not rich yet…but I will be.
  • Myth # 4 It will cost me a fortune…It could if you don’t know what you are doing. Signing up for the programs is easy and free. As for the advertising there is free and paid advertising that you can do. Getting training is always the best course of action before starting a new endeavor (especially if you’re planning to use paid advertising). Let’s think about it you wouldn’t climb Mount Everest without training with the gear and tools so why start this without it.


So being a small business owner and continuously looking for ways to grow my business and I’ve come across a lot of material on marketing and affiliate marketing. However, not all of it was good or quality information that I thought would be helpful to grow and sustain my business. Honestly, there were a few that I felt were completely ridiculous and not a sustainable practice at all. There are two recommendations that I do have for you; I found these two programs to be the most helpful, up-to-date, and comprehensive programs online. Both also offer a ton of support, coaching, and community outlets for feedback.

Awol Academy ( There is a free PDF and Masterclass)

Super Affiliate System (A Free Webinar)

Bottom Line

This is a new journey for me and I am sure that there will be pitfalls along the way but I am certain that this career path that will work for me. I absolutely love the training I received, I’m passionate about my niche and I am seeing some serious results from my efforts so far over the past 12 weeks. The bottom line: get started with training now and you’ll change your tomorrow. Bottom Line….you can rock this industry; so start today!